Building Lifelong Leaders Through Education and Athletics

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Developing Lifelong Leaders Through Sports and Education

Leading in EYBL and Fostering Future Leaders

UPLAY Canada and EYBL Success
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Andrew Nembhard

The Only Canadian Team in EYBL. Since 2017, UPLAY Canada has been the sole Canadian representative in Nike’s prestigious Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL), competing with the top 40 high school basketball teams in the U.S.

UPLAY Canada's Vision and Goals
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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Developing Leaders Through Sports and Education. Beyond basketball, UPLAY Canada aims to create lifelong leaders by combining academics, community service, and athletics, assisting student-athletes in achieving post-secondary athletic scholarships.
UPLAY and Student-Athletes
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UPLAY Canada is committed to fostering well-rounded individuals by offering a diverse array of services. Their comprehensive approach includes academic counseling and career planning, all aimed at nurturing the development of student-athletes.

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Athletics & Academics

UPLAY Canada Offerings

UPLAY Canada offers a comprehensive range of services beyond sports:
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From Our Program

Division 1 Alumni

  • Class of 2008 Ty Watson, Dwayne Harvey, Sim Bhullar
  • Class of 2009 Tyrell Edwards, Marvin Binney
  • Class of 2010 Grant Mullins
  • Class of 2012 Abednego Lufile, Gentrey Thomas
  • Class of 2013 Francis Kiapway, Daniel Dzierzawski, Cassidy Ryan
  • Class of 2015 Nolan Narain, Marquell Fraser, Keshon Montague, Veron Kalonji, Jeremiah Usiosefe,
    Kimbal Mackenzie
  • Class of 2016 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Abu Kigab, Lindell Wigginton, Kevin Kangu, Rudi Williams,
    Christian David, Shamiel Stevenson
  • Class of 2017 Tafari Simms, Tre-Vaughn Minott, Alex Christie, Kaosi Exeagu
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