Who We Work With

UPLAY Canada Partners and Sponsors

UPLAY Canada thrives through vital partnerships and generous sponsorships from Nike and Flair Airlines, empowering aspiring student-athletes with resources, coaching, and opportunities to shape the future of Canadian basketball.



UPLAY  Canada has formed a dynamic partnership with Nike, set to revolutionize opportunities for student-athletes and propel Canadian basketball to new heights.


UPLAY  Canada is thrilled to unveil a game-changing partnership with Flair Airlines, ushering in an era of limitless opportunities for student-athletes and soaring Canadian basketball to new heights.


UPLAY  Canada is proud to announce a transformative partnership with JD Sports, unlocking boundless opportunities for student-athletes and propelling the future of Canadian basketball to unprecedented heights.


UPLAY  Canada has forged an exciting partnership with RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), opening doors to unparalleled opportunities for student-athletes and empowering the growth of Canadian basketball.


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